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Why choose upGrad?

As a member of upGrad’s xpert community,

Earn recognition as an industry expert

Meet peers who share your passion for education

Enhance careers with your knowledge and expertise

Work with flexible hours and earn

Create a world-class learning experience for future professionals on upGrad's unique platform

(Average Monthly Earnings  - 60K INR)

Create content for our online program

(Average Monthly Earnings  - 25K INR)

Conduct online learning sessions

How can you work with us?

Mentor students in their professional goals

(Average Monthly Earnings  - 20K INR)

Grade assignments, solve learner queries

(Average Monthly Earnings  - 15K INR)

Choose what’s right for you

upGrad xpert

Query Resolution

  • In depth subject knowledge
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Passion for guiding the students

Subject Matter Expert

  • Domain expertise & relevant work experience
  • Knowledge of industry best-practices
  • Ability to teach complex topics in a simple way, along with a passion for teaching and knowledge-sharing 


  • Review and grade the assignments, case studies and project submissions
  • Resolve learner’s queries/doubts on the platform
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Compensation per assignment/ per case study/ per ticket resolved
  • Compensation per hour of consulting/ per module/per live session

Industry-relevant content creation

  • Develop and present industry applications in a video shoot
  • Review curriculum, assignments, case studies, code, etc.

Live sessions

  • Online sessions concerning certain subjects
  • Offline sessions involving talks and networking

Personalised Industry Learning sessions

  • Online biweekly sessions of 90 mins each with a group of 10-12 learners
  • Coaches indulge in focussed teaching, doubt resolution, career guidance and a lot more

1-1 Career Mentorship

  • Counsel students for different career paths
  • Give tips to students for interview prep and resume building

How Does This Work?

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It is hard to believe just how much upGrad has helped us accomplish during such a short time frame. The platform and content looks fantastic - something we here at Cambridge are proud to have collaborated with..

Kathryn Coombs

Director of Strategic Accounts

Cambridge Judge Business School

upGrad xpert, Digital Marketing

It’s been a great experience. I have a natural inclination towards academics, and upGrad has provided me with an opportunity to contribute to the education sector..

 Joy Mukherjee

Advisor, Big Data & Distributed Computing

upGrad xpert, Big Data


1. How does the payment process work?

You will be paid for every engagement that you undertake with us (e.g. develop content, conduct live session, mentor students, etc.). We would sign a separate contract for each of these engagements. As an upGrad xpert, you will receive frequent updates on every new requirement that we have.

2. Do I need a certain time commitment for becoming an upGrad xpert?

No, we don't expect any time commitment. The timelines and commitments will be decided on a case-to-case basis for each separate engagement that you would undertake with us.

3. Can I apply if I live outside India?

Yes, you can apply. upGrad is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and supports diversity.

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